MS Travel Insurance

Travel Insurance For MS Lets You Enjoy Your Holiday

IAS believe that being diagnosed with multiple sclerosis (MS) shouldn't prevent you from doing the things you enjoy, including going on holiday. As long as you can plan ahead and take care of yourself while you are travelling there is no reason you shouldn't be able to enjoy a trip away.

Comprehensive Travel Insurance For MS

IAS make the process of finding a quote that exactly meets your requirements very easy and ensure the cover you receive is comprehensive. We will ask you series of questions relating to your MS and overall medical condition so we can find cover that is perfect for you, your policy will cover you for any complications during your trip.

Speak to Our MS Travel Insurance Experts

We know you may need cover for other medical conditions, our process will take this into consideration in order to find what is right for you. We can find you single-trip, multi-trip or annual travel insurance according to your requirements.

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