Businesses need to insure themselves against crime


The cost of vandalism and theft to Scotland's businesses is estimated to be around £740m a year according to a recent survey.

And, say analysts, crime against businesses in Scotland such as theft, smashed windows and graffiti is likely to get worse as unemployment rises.

Four in five affected business were the victims of petty theft whilst six in 10 businesses suffered broken doors or smashed windows.

These statistics highlight the need to ensure that businesses in Scotland are properly covered by the right insurance. IAS Insurance Falkirk understand that controlling costs is essential for every business especially in today's economic climate. But that should not mean that you take a chance and fail to have the right cover or any cover at all. Cutting corners makes so sense. 

The good news is that IAS Insurance Falkirk provide very competitive insurance cover. Our business insurance deals are designed to provide the right cover for you at the lowest cost possible. 

Given the level of crimes against business, you'll be glad you had insurance cover from IAS Insurance Falkirk.

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