We find the right travel insurance for holiday-makers who are looking for an expertly tailored policy from a team who are specialists in assisting anyone with a medical condition in finding a comprehensive and affordable insurance policy.


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IAS understand the difficulties you face when you are searching for travel insurance if you have a pre existing medical condition.

That's why we have no upper limit in terms of age for whom we assist in finding travel insurance and will work closely with anyone with pre-existing medical conditions to find the most appropriate insurance for your peace of mind when you are relaxing on holiday.

Medical bills can can run in to tens of thousands of pounds – particularly in the United States and throughout North America, so you're far better off working with us to find fantastic cover that puts your mind at ease and doesn't break the bank.

What Types of Holidays Do We Cover?

We work hard to find travel insurance that is specifically tailored for your holiday. As well as single trip policies we offer cover for:



travel insurance with medical conditions

We are experienced in finding cover that will cover your travels across multiple countries and at sea.


travel insurance with medical conditions

You want to know you are comprehensively covered for the unlikely event of an accident.

Annual Travel Insurance 

holiday insurance with medical conditions

Covering you for multiple trips over the course of a year, removing the hassle of securing multiple policies. 

Long-Stay Travel Insurance 

holiday insurance with medical conditions

If you are going to be travelling or on holiday for over 3 months we can find the perfect cover for you.


WHAT pre existing medical conditions
Require travel insurance?

We know all the right questions to ask to establish exactly what type of insurance you require, these include:

Has anyone in the party - 

  • been prescribed medication, received treatment or attended a medical practitioners surgery in the last 2 years?

  • attended a hospital or clinic as an out-patient or in-patient in the last two years?

  • been currently put on a waiting list for treatment or investigation?

  • been diagnosed by a medical practitioner as suffering from a terminal illness?

Examples of the Pre Existing Medical Conditions We Cover

We have extensive experience in assisting individuals with a wide range of pre existing medical conditions in finding the travel insurance that is right for them and meets all their requirements to go on holiday with complete peace of mind. Below we have listed links to a number of individual pages dedicated to specific medical conditions we cater for.

Click on the links below to explore our specific medical condition pages:

If you don't see the particular medical condition you are looking to then contact us directly, we're sure we can help.



IAS are specialists with over 25 years of experience in finding the right travel insurance for anyone over the age of 50 with existing medical conditions at the best possible prices. Our focus is on finding the best value combined with comprehensive cover for every traveller so they can relax on holiday with complete peace of mind.



Customer Focused Approach
Our customers appreciate our personal and sensitive approach, particularly when we are taking into consideration their medical conditions. You can pop into our office in Larbert any time to sit down and have a friendly chat about your requirements. We like to create long-term relationships with our customers built on trust and an appreciation of our commitment to doing everything we can to find the best deal, every time.


Hassle Free Holiday Insurance
You needn't spend hours and hours trawling online to find yourself the best deal that covers everything you are after. Let our specialists take care of that and we can find you the best options available to you from a comprehensive list of insurance companies.

Qualified & Trustworthy
You can have complete peace of mind working with IAS who have been trusted insurance advisers for over 25 years. You can be sure we will act with integrity, find you exactly what you want and need and you know we can trust that we will act with your best interests in mind.

Our Service

Initial Meeting

Give us a call or come in for a face to face meeting at our office in Larbert to discuss your upcoming holiday or travelling.

Varying Levels of Cover

We provide you with a range of quotes at bronze, silver and gold levels, allowing you to make a decision on what level of cover you feel is best for you.


We ask a series of questions to establish your requirements for your cover including its duration and your medical history.

Confirmation & Peace of Mind

Once  you have chosen the cover that works best for you we will provide you with all the details via post, e-mail or in person.